Payments and Shipping


For all purchases made on our website, payments can be made by debit or credit card. After you complete your order online,the confirmation email along with the payment instructions will be sent to you - so, please check your email right after your order is complete. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder, in case if you didn't receive confrimation email from us.


To ship your order, we need a minimum amount of time to process it. Typically, the minimum time is 24 hours, and in some cases it may increase due to the fact that the order has arrived,for example at night or on weekends and holidays. Therefore, we ask you to make your orders well in advance. Give us about 1 business day, so that we can prepare and send, and you could receive your order as soon as possible.


All purchases, made on our website, will be sent to our customers by the Russian Post at a Flat Rate of World-Wide-Shipping is $14.99 First Class withing 1-2 business days. The parcel tracking will be available immediately as soon, as a tracking number has been established.

ATTENTION to our Sweden costumers! Unfortunately, we can not take orders and ship to Sweden. The parcel will be opened at Sweden customs and returned to sender due to country's ban of any pharmaceutical products,arrived from abroad.